Travel Tips For Cancer Patients

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Anyone who has cancer should seek advice from a medical professional before they travel. It is also wise to take with you any documents detailing your diagnosis, treatment and medication, plus contact details for your doctor in the UK.

When you are planning your holiday, choose your destination with care. You don’t necessarily want to sit on a long flight or undergo an arduous journey to a remote outpost with few creature comforts. You should also consider the standard of healthcare in your chosen country. The local High Commission, Embassy or Consulate should be able to help. And remember that if you need vaccinations, they could make you feel unwell if your immune system is already compromised.

Check in early for any flight and find out about any medical equipment on board the aircraft. People with some forms of cancer are more susceptible to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) so make sure you take the necessary precautions.

If you are taking medication, you should check on the availability of your drugs overseas and keep a note of the prescription in case your medicines are lost or stolen. You might also need a letter to explain the presence of any pills or syringes in your luggage – and don’t forget to take advice on dispensing your medication if you are travelling to a different time zone.