Can Mercedes’ 2017 E-Class Topple Its BMW 5-Series & Audi A6 Rivals?

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Even though Europe’s mid-size premium saloon segment isn’t as wide open as it used to be, the all-new E-Class’ main concern was always going to revolve around its two rivals from BMW and Audi.

To make things completely fair, Carwow’s Mat Watson could have squeezed the Jaguar XF and the brand new Volvo S90 in there as well, but if all you want to know is how the new Merc compares to its other German rivals, this was certainly a review worth doing.

As he usually tends to do, Watson analyzed each of the three models in a practical manner, looking not just at aesthetics and performance, but also comfort, practicality, fuel economy and UK pricing – where the E-Class was always going to be more expensive seen as how it’s only available with an automatic transmission.

The Merc also wins out when it comes to technology, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone given that it’s the newest entry here. As a matter of fact, looking at the Audi A6’s user interface and its screen resolution compared to what Mercedes got going on in the new E-Class, really shows how far ahead the Merc has come is in this department. On the other hand, Mr Watson found that the 5-Series menus were the easiest to explore.

The E-Class was also the “least uncomfortable” when it came to carrying three passengers in the back, and the best at fitting a baby seat.

There are plenty of solid tips about all three cars in the clip so give it a try and see which car eventually came out on top.