5 Easy Car Tips for Better Mileage

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Everyone complains of fuel prices increasing. But, there’s hardly anyone who contributes towards saving the precious resources. While just a few think of purchasing new cars that make use of alternate energy resources, even few think of ways of boosting the mileage of their used cars. This article has been written for those who think it’s impossible to increase the fuel efficiency of a new or used car. Read through for 5 easy car tips for better mileage.

1. Do You Leave Your Engine Idle?

You may have been told a hundred times to conserve fuel and have your car engine running when parked. However, if you know that you don’t have to wait for over 30 seconds, it is advisable to have the engine running rather than idle. The reason being, fuel consumption is higher when the engine is re-started as compared to when it is working without acceleration. Secondly, isn’t a running engine more fuel-efficient than one that’s just switched on?

2. Constant Speed Helps Save Fuel

If your car’s equipped with cruise control, make use of the feature. When you drive at a constant speed, your car is capable of returning up to 14 per cent better fuel economy. Varying the speed every now and then, on the other hand, can reduce your engine’s life span and will also use up more fuel. So, whenever possible, drive at constant speeds and save on your new car’s fuel intake.

3. Is Your Car Aerodynamic?

While purchasing a new car, the dealer may have lured you into buying extras that are not really needed for everyday travel. Accessories like rooftop carriers, bug shields, and luggage and ski racks will certainly help if you’re an everyday camper. You may also have an advantage if the idea of going on a camp is suddenly put forth and you would otherwise not have sufficient time for preparation. However, the extra stuff is going to bring down your car’s fuel economy and affect your everyday driving cost. By not having the additional carriers and racks you could save big and help reduce drag. Drive smart and cheap.

4. Shorter Routes Save Time and Fuel

As mentioned earlier, a steady speed can save fuel. So, try avoiding the crowded roads and take alternate short routes that can reduce fuel consumption and save your time too.

5. Don’t Overload Your Car

Most of the time, the car trunk holds stuff for months together unnecessarily. The extra load in your car can harm the fuel efficiency. Just get rid of the junk in the trunk and you can see your car’s mileage improve significantly.